We named our CDN after bakery, we're either brilliant or dumb as heck.

The Power of Unlimited, Built for Speed and Affordability, Hybrid CDN Approach, Enriched with Cloudflare for Super-Speed!

Currently NOT Accepting New Clients

The MuffinCDN Network is powerful!

Built for a small case use, but don't count it out. The MuffinCDN network is powered primarily using the Internet Exchange in Kansas City, MO. From there we have PoP's around the world with help from Cloudflare.

  • Live Replication

    You don't have to worry about the files on our CDN, they are backed up around our network.

  • Modern Support

    Our CDN control panel allows clients to replicate from git, utilize composer, and node.

  • Complete API Access

    Want to make your experience even better? Know PHP? We have an expansive API to make your project better.

  • We got the Tubes

    Our CDN Network utilizes 15gbps between core nodes, and 200gbps in caching and DDoS mitigation.

  • SSD Caching

    Consistently accessed data is cached in SSDs at delivery nodes, along with aggressive RAM Caching.

  • Running at scale

    While this is a small scale CDN, it pulls punches with the big boys.



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